Google AdWords PPC Management for Ecommerce

How is AdWords for Ecommerce Different?

Setting up and managing PPC campaigns for an Ecommerce website is way different from maintaining PPC campaigns for a local business or a lead generation site or a B2B business. Using ones credit card for buying online requires more convincing than filling an enquiry form. On average, 98% of web stores’ visitors end their visit without making a purchase. 70% of them will never go back to that web store. Our objective is to increase the sales by bringing in highly relevant users to your web store and make them come again using remarketing.

Below are a few ways in which AdWords for Ecommerce is different from conventional AdWords campaigns.

  • Google Shopping feed is a must.
  • Google Shopping campaigns need to be set up.
  • AdWords Dynamic remarketing is highly profitable and needs to be set up.
  • Conversion tracking is different for Ecommerce when compared to lead gen websites.
  • Writing convincing ads for Ecommerce is an art in itself.
  • Creating Effective and meaningful product groups needs deeper understanding of Google shopping ecosystem and the business.

How do We Stand Apart?

  • No Vanity Metrics – We focus on sales
  • Flat Management Fee – We don’t charge a percentage of your ad spend
  • Complete Transparency – Your AdWords account is yours, always
  • Always Reachable – Your enquiries will be answered within 10 hours
  • Certified professionals – Your account is handled only by Google certified professionals
  • Reporting – Monthly and fortnightly reports focussing on all KPIs
  • Testing – No campaign is perfect but we test everything to get optimal results
  • No contracts – You are not tied to us for any period of time

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Our AdWords Service for E-Commerce Websites

  • "Jeenfer has a strong attention to detail, and works extremely hard. He helped with my digital marketing and Google adwords management and would recommend his company."

    James Cadbury
    James Cadbury Founder of Lovecocoa
  • "Jeenfer and his company Verrunt creates great Adwords campaigns. Very attentive to details and fast turnaround. I’m seeing increase in sales on my webshop. Would definitely recommend Verrunt for online marketing services"

    David Van Hoven
    David Van Hoven Founder of
  • "Jeenfer has been helpful for a client of mine who needed help with Google AdWords. His expertise in Ecommerce promotion is commendable especially with Google shopping campaigns. I’d recommend Jeenfer to anyone who needs help with Google AdWords."

    Nicholas Wright
    Nicholas Wright Business Development Manager – Ranking Rescuer